Your Privacy matters to us….

When you access the GoGenus platform we will not use your data for any other purposes outside of those stipulated in this policy.

We will not take or use any personal information you provide us with without your consent.

In order to make a booking on the Genus platform, you have to create your own personal profile.

Creating your profile requires four mandatory things:

-Your date of birth

-Your email address

-Your mobile phone number

-Post code/area code

Your date of birth is required in order to confirm your age.

Providing your email address and mobile phone number will enable you to receive booking and payment confirmations via text and email. We may also contact you via email to let you know about any promotional offers or provide you with discount codes.

Your post code/area code will enable the GoGenus platform to inform you of hair and beauty establishments within your geographical proximity.

Third parties and their access to your information

Here at GoGenus, we take your privacy extremely seriously. This is why no one outside of GoGenus will have access to the personal data you provide us with. The data you provide us with in the process of creating a user profile and/or navigating the GoGenus platform will not be shared with any third parties.

Any hair and beauty establishments that you book an appointment with will only be provided with the name you have made the booking under and the date and time of the appointment. NO third parties will be granted access of your date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, postcode/area code or any other personal details.

Please note that the GoGenus platform may contain links to other external websites. Once you click on a link that redirects you to an external website, GoGenus is no longer responsible for your online safety or your privacy rights.

Personalising your GoGenus experience & storage of your personal data

Using the GoGenus platform will allow you to tailor your user experience as you see fit. For example, you will have the option to search for services based on your current geographical location and your booking history.

The personalisation of your user profile will be based on information you enter in the GoGenus platform such as your postcode and the services you search for. Any information you submit to the GoGenus platform will not be accessible by any other third parties. The details you provide in order to have a bespoke browsing experience will solely be used for enhancing the service we are able to provide to you.

Upon occasion, we may send out surveys to our users in order to better gauge how we can better the service we provide. The results of these surveys may be shared with relevant third parties such as hair & beauty establishments and brands, or used for marketing purposes. However, at no point will your responses to these surveys be shared without your prior consent. All surveys are optional and can be submitted anonymously.

Should you wish to delete your user profile at any point, simply send an email to Your user profile, along with all other personal data will be deleted within 2 working days.

Money money money

Depending on the establishment that you are booking a service with, you may be able to make an online payment. You will NEVER be asked to enter or save your card details on the GoGenus platform when paying online. In instances where you make an online payment, you will be redirected to Paypal where you will pay both the booking and service fees. You do not require bank details to create a user account on the GoGenus platform.

Ratings and reviews

The GoGenus platform gives you a voice to rate and review your experiences at the establishments you book with. Any ratings and reviews you give will be publicly published on the GoGenus platform for other users to see.

Ratings and reviews are not mandatory and you do have the option to submit a rating and/or a review anonymously should you wish.


Here at GoGenus, we believe in being open. No small print, no gimmicks. We believe that you should be given the opportunity to consent OR revoke your consent to the personal data we ask for and the personal data we use every time you use this platform. This is why this privacy policy will pop up every time you login to the GoGenus platform.

If you’re happy and comfortable with the personal data we ask for and the way we use it, then click ‘I agree and hereby provide my consent’ down below. If you’re not convinced, click ‘I do not consent’ in which instance you will not be able to login to use the GoGenus platform.